Bonus Flexibility Class

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If you want to increase your flexibility, core strength and balance, this is the stretch class for you! Go through a whole relaxation session using floor stretches with your mat, Pilates movements, and your choice of using your inversion bench. In this bonus flexibility class, we go through an entire relaxing meditative stretch session. Stretch yourself into a relaxed state of mind with this 25-minute video. Stretch deeper and practice a more calming meditative stretch routine with this bonus class. Feel refreshed each day with this daily routine that will increase your mental health as you practice good physical habits.

The yoga stretches in this Flexibility class are designed to get you ready for your daily stretch routine, which can be tailored with or without your inversion bench, in preparation for The Inverted Goddess program. Practice stretching everyday to inhibit a daily stretch routine, that can be created with this bonus flexibility class.The bend poses in this class allow you to stretch your chest, arms and back muscles throughout the routine.This bonus video will help you to prepare for a long day at work or school by increasing your core strength, flexibility, and mental health. This is the ultimate stretching class, to increase flexibility and control over your body. This Stretch Class is for anyone who wants to achieve a longer and healthier life by increasing mental health. 

This video is meant to help relieve stress and anxiety through deep breathing techniques. Use this video as a relaxation method, or keep it in the background while working out. The stretches used in this class are all stretching techniques that you can use at home.